Post 07 March 2016 01:59:09

Axial-flow compressor

Dear Sir,

I'm currently working on Thesis designing an axial flow compressor for a gas turbine, basically trying to create a similar design to NACA\GE E3 core compressor, which has been shown on AxStream website in pictures but unfortunately without any guide.
I would be very thankful if you can help me through designing such compressor, or help me with the following questions:

1) Who do you evaluate a profile using blade loading chart and so on ?! (what are you looking for when manipulating profile to select the optimal one)
2) Preliminary Design: can't select both options together (IGV and EGV) a message pop-up saying (" Preliminary Design"  - Unsuccessful completion, Solver failed)
3) Bases for selecting rotating blade span-wise distribution of thickness (thick at the root and thin at the tip) 
4) How to select and apply proper blade twist (DoE always fails)

Thank you in advance,