Post 16 May 2019 11:15:43

AxCFD results not saving

I’ve been running some AxCFD 3D simulations and after saving the results, I cannot view any contour plots or plot any charts. All what I get is the AxCFD report viewed on the screen. Even when I save the data to the main project database nothing is being saved. Can you please advise on what the issue might be, this used to work before (I was able to view distributions and I could view some of the results on the main project database.

However even when some result data was saved to the main project database I still faced the problem with some values not appearing (zero values) I could only view the kinematics and thermodynamics results at sections 1,2,3 but nothing on the losses, performance, energetics (which I’m supposed to be able to plot in charts and view in tables based on experiments)…
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