Bearing Dynamics

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Bearing Dynamics

Hello Team, I hope it is acceptable to drop a note on a bearing dynamics question within this group as i did not see a separate group for bearing dynamics. Within the Bearing dynamics Solutions/Transient Analysis tool - what is the definition or description that should be used for determining the Mass (in stability options)?
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Re: Bearing Dynamics

Hello Timothy! Thank you for joining our forum!

Mass parameter in the “Transient” analysis defines the rotor mass portion subjected to the bearing in the system loaded with its own weight only.
If you consider the system loaded only with static gravity acceleration, you may calculate the value of this parameter by dividing the bearing reaction force on the static gravity acceleration (M=F/g). The bearing reaction force can be calculated for the rotor system in "Static Deflection" analysis in AxSTREAM RotorDynamics.

If the system is loaded with other static forces, the mass parameter can be found in the same way but these other forces should be excluded (except static gravity acceleration) for the bearing reactions calculation in "Static Deflection" analysis in AxSTREAM RotorDynamics.

You may find the forum category for AxSTREAM Bearing questions by the link

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Anna Perepelytsia

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